Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers


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"Founding fathers represents Community, Care and Connection through out all of Prescott and the State of Arizona."



Founding Fathers was birthed through the overwhelming success of John Hancock Barbershop, started by US Army Ranger veteran Grant Quezada in 2014 upon completing his enlistment and moving back home to Prescott Arizona.  Since John Hancock's conception in 2014 it has outgrown two different Scale-up locations. The need to grow again was the catalyst that lead Grant to bring on lifelong friend and US Air Force Veteran Jesse Burke to join the team and develop the Founding Fathers concept to be a place for all people to come experience and foster community, care and connection.


The completed flag ship of Founding Fathers is a 12,000 square foot warehouse in Prescott’s downtown entertainment district that is scheduled to become the new community center point for downtown with the coming of a new public park, water splash-pad for children, restaurants, and 200 room hotel.  Founding Fathers warehouse will house seven different companies for the public to enjoy. The tip of the spear is John Hancock's new 11 chair barbershop accompanied by a Self Serve Tap room, speak easy, 3rd wave coffee shop, men's haberdashery, functional fitness gym, and jujitsu studio. 

An experience like nothing else


$50k - $100k +

at 8-10% interest over 2 OR 5 years


$200,000 raised of $1,100,000 Goal


We've purchased the building and the plan is lined up. With a December 2018 soft opening date set we are looking to raise the $1.1 million from the right investors who have a heart for our  vision and community.  

We've had several large companies see the great opportunity of investing with Founding Fathers but are demanding an equity stake. Instead of giving up ownership in our company we are hoping to find individuals who love the community and vision of Founding Fathers and are willing to invest in the dream. 



Starting investment plans

investment      Rate      term      return      profit      gains

$50,000            8%          2 yrs     $58,000      $8,000        16%

$50,000            8%          5 yrs     $70,000      $20,000      40%

$100,000          10%         2 yrs    $120,000     $20,000      20%

$100,000          10%         5 yrs    $150,000     $50,000      50%


wanting to invest more than $100,000?   We will TAILOR a plan for you. 

A place for everyone
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